IAJE 2005 - International Association for Jazz Educators Convention was held in Long Beach CA.

IAJE PICs from the 2005 Show. Pictures of Saxophones, Sax Player Greg Vail and Jazz Stars. Photographs Main Page
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Greg Vail at the Sax Quest Booth What is it? A Conn straight Mezzo Alto in F that goes to low A. IAJE freak instrument by Conn, played by Greg Vail. I had to try it! My friend Mike Lutley playing the Straight Mezzo Alto in F. Saxquest prized weird one played by Mike.
Alto Saxes are in Eb but this bad girl is pitched in F. Saxquest had all the cool saxes out to see and play at IAJE. F Alto close up image Mike on the bong in the shop piece Mike Lutley holds the F Alto
That is NO SAXOPHONE Yamaha Custom Z is a pretty Sax Yamaha Boss Man Kurt Whitt Jody Jazz Mouthpieces play great. Pic of Dave Leibman at the Jody Jazz Booth. Shannon Kennedy with Dave Leibman
Dave Leibman and Sax Chick Shannon Kennedy at IAJE 2005 Dave Leibman with Greg Vail at Jody Jazz Mouthpieces - IAJE Yamaha Sax Tech Mike Lutley Straight Alto by Buescher dating back to the 30's. Cool Sax PICs. Classic Plastic Alto Sax - A Graden I believe. Played by many Jazz greats including Charlie Parker.
Another odd one. A Silver Low A Alto. James Moody with Greg Vail James Moody with Shannon Kennedy Rhueben Allen and Greg Vail Rhueben Allen runs Unison Saxes now and is a very cool guy.

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