NAMM 2005 - NAMM PICs Flutes, Alto Flutes, Wood Flutes, wooden head joints, Flute Players from NAMM 2005

NAMM 2005 was a great show. Pictures from some of the Flute Booths are shown below. NAMM Sax PICs and Ben's NAMM Percussion PICs are available thru the Photographs Main Site.
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Yamaha Flute display at NAMM 2005. Yamaha Flutes at NAMM - The Alto Flute is a Brass/Silver mix. Yamaha Solid Wood Flutes run about 8 Grand and the Flute to the left had a Gold Lip Plate, 600 series Pro Flute that played Great. James Walker is a Yamaha Artist and Amazing Flute Player. Jim signed Free Flight CDs and is seen playing a new student Flute that bares his name.
Yamaha's new Q line includes the James Walker Q Flute and they are pretty nice and VERY CHEAP! Jim Walker playing his new Q Flute by Yamaha. Gemeinhardt Flutes are great for new players. My first Flute was an M2. Nice display for NAMM 2005. Gemeinhardt brings out all the Flutes for NAMM 2005
Gemeinhardt Alto Flutes at NAMM 2005 Greg Vail with my FAVORITE FLUTE BABE Mary Opperman. Mary is truly amazing and has taught me a lot, going back as far as 25 years now. Muramatsu Flutes at NAMM 2005. I play a wing tip Muramatsu, thick wall Silver with inline G. I played MY FLUTE but still new and it only costs 7530 to replace. Maybe next week? Muramatsu Artists include Detroit Symphony Principal seen here talking with staff.
Mary Opperman is seen here falling in love with a Platinum Clad Thick wall Flute by Muramatsu that costs a mere 14 Grand. Dean Flutes and Alto Flutes are a deal for the money. The Dean Alto Flute was listed at 1999 and had a great low register and sound. Detroit Symphonies Principal is seen here with Mary Lazer Opperman, my friend.