NAMM 2005 - Saxophone Images and NAMM PICs from the 2005 NAMM Show in Southern California.

The 2005 NAMM Show was a big show for Saxophone Players! Enjoy some great Sax PICs with the very latest in Saxophone Design. Check the Photographs Main Page for other NAMM and Sax galleries.
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NAMM 2005 - National Association of Music Merchants Trade Show in So. Cal. Keilwerth Saxes at the NAMM Show 2005. Very good year for Keilwerth. Keilwerth Black Nickel Saxophones played great this year. I loved the Keilwerth Bb Baritone Sax! The Shadow Tenor was awesome too.
New to NAMM was Stephanhouser Saxophones. These saxes looked great and I heard some guys sounding really good on them too. Seen here is the Stephanhouser Baritone Sax. Friend and repairman Alan is seen here playing a Stephanhouser Alto Sax and was very impressed. The Keilwerth Booth and trash can. Leo Potts was my Sax Instructor at Long Beach State. I have no picture with Leo until today. Leo Potts and Greg Vail at NAMM.
Bam is a French Case maker. I saw them at IAJE and NAMM this year and had to get a PIC of the Bari Case. Bam's Baritone Sax Case. Many question how to travel a Bari Sax and Bam has a decent option here. Selmer Paris Booth is always a blast. NAMM 2005 brought more sterling Silver Saxes, new options for the Series III and a finish option on the Reference Alto. Selmer Bari's are hard to beat. This low A Baritone is the standard that all others have to meet.
Not a sax but a saxes grand daddy. The Selmer Bass Clarinets are amazing. The Selmer Reference Alto in Matte was great, but I think I liked the Gold Lacquered even better. Mindi Abair is Smooth Jazz's Main Squeeze, but up and comer Shannon Kennedy is seen here with Mindi and is working on being the Young-Babe-Wonder. Greg Vail toured with Mindi so long ago that she was the tour manager for the band, new in town and just meeting west coast players.
Mindi Abair is ENGAGED! Her fiance is seen here looking like it was maybe his idea too. My repair guy Jeff Peterson is seen here holding the new Matte Reference Alto at Selmer Paris - NAMM 2005. Jeff Peterson runs Horn Improvement in Mission Viejo, California. OK, so it's not a Sax. This Yamaha Alto Flute just ROCKS.

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