NAMM 2005 - Saxophone Images and NAMM PICs from the 2005 NAMM Show in Southern California.

The 2005 NAMM Show was a big show for Saxophone Players! Enjoy some great Sax PICs with the very latest in Saxophone Design. Check the Photograghs Main Page for other NAMM and Sax galleries.
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NAMM 2005 Yamaha Wood Flute costs too much and they wont give one to me. Dang it... Yamaha 62II Tenor is seen here in Silver Plate. Many swear by this horn but it was too buzzy for me. Yamaha Custom 875EX is a GREAT ALTO SAX! NAMM 2005 favorite Yamaha award for Greg goes to the Gold Lacquered 875 - YTS-875
Yamaha brought a beauty out to NAMM 05 with this Black Lacquer Custom Z Tenor. NAMM 2005 Show - Yamaha Custom Z Black Lacquer Tenor Sax Image. Not a great PIC but some amazing new saxes. French imported brass, corks, pads, and parts from all the right places and assembled in Taiwan to keep it cheap - P. Mauriat Saxophones. Mauriat Saxes have been developed and are endorsed by Roger Greenberg, seen here with Greg Vail.
NAMM first timers, Mauriat Saxes created a stir with some great sounding and well built Alto's, Tenor's and Bari's. Mauriat at NAMM 2005 - Student Mauriat Alto Sax Image. This Mauriat Tenor killed me. Made of Nickel Silver, designed much like the VI, this Tenor sounded fat, centered and screamed. It is another new sax in the NO HIGH F# camp and made a great case for it.  

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