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As this site is Optimized for the Search Engines and Link Exchanged thru the Web, traffic and interest will create a desire by many Saxophone Manufacturers and Sax Accessories makers for advertising here on Saxophone.US. We will not offer any add space until traffic indications deem worthy. It will be a few months before the Add Program is in place.

Sax Players, Sax Bands, Sax Products, Sax Makers, Record Labels, the list is long and many will try banner exposure here.

With the program being developed - A few Questions? Rotation or static banners? View and Click Thru Reports? Overall Site Traffic Reports? Home Page Banner Spaces will all be available. What about inner pages? Send any thoughts to Saxophone@Saxophone.US

Sister Site, will also add some real interest to the advertising landscape with rate plans that will include Adds on both sites at a great savings. Stay with US as we finish the fine tuning on Sax Reviews and get Saxophone.US set. A real outlet for WEB presence is in process!

Saxophone . US is the Saxophone site for the US Sax Players

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No Banners available? Realizing the benefits of text based Adds? Consider a text ADD right here at Sax Reviews. COMING SOON!

Saxophone U.S. - Saxophone Resources, Saxophone Reviews and tips for Recording the Saxophone, live Playing, job ideas for saxophonists and helps for commercial jazz artists from a staff of writers.


Featured Sites - Advertising your web site can include Banner Adds, Manufacturer submitted Articles with a Sponsored status and something as inexpensive as listing in the Featured Sites Column you now see.

Sax CDs - Christmas, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Gospel CDs, all featuring the Saxophone.

Saxophone Reviews - The Sister Site with all the Sax Reviews!

Sax On The Web is my favorite Saxophone community online with a great forum, thousands of articles, links and saxophone information.

4Jazz.US - Stealing Music? Try and support the Music you love.


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