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Saxophone Lessons Learned
Be an Original, no Copy

Written by SAXBOY

We all come into the World Originals; Most of us leave it a carbon copy.

Make a commitment to being real and honest; honest to your self, your talents and your passion; real to who you are and what you love.

Live and breath to copy someone else? You can, But why?

Even If you could copy your favorite sax player and be the same as him...

Two of the exact same things makes one of them unnecessary, and it's not going to be the original.

We all start from somewhere musically. The issue is not about having musical influences. We all have music that inspires and challenges that we strive to emulate at some point in our musical development. Musical Influences are always there for everyone, and that's not a bad thing.

The key to being Original is found in not revealing your sources.

I have spent many years trying to keep 3 sax influences in my head at all times.

One sax idol makes a lame copy - never as good as the original.

Two sax idols can sound like musical schizophrenia.

Three or more influences/mentors/sax idols allow general musical direction and inspiration for improvement without loosing the student's heart and passion while confusing the source.

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Have 3 Sax Mentors, steal the good stuff from each of them while being true to yourself and your musical interests and 'You will be original.' Then rotate them and include non-sax players to keep it interesting.

Probably, No one really wants to be you.

Certainly, No one could ever be you.

You are on this world to make the unique contribution that only you can make.

Don't waste your life attempting to become another's potential.

Steal from every thread of talent you hear and weave something new; something you. That's original.

To copy our one sax hero; that's a historian.

My thoughts,


Copyright (c)2005 SAXBOY


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