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There are 2 types of Music Teachers in the World. Those that develop dependency and those that foster independence.

I don't want to have to tell a student to play a Bb for the rest of their life. I teach, much like I learned; to impart tools (principals) and not only immediate direction. This is an old concept. Someone once said, "You can feed the poor but you also need to teach them how to plant and harvest there own food so one day the will be independent and no longer need you."

The lessons below are more principal oriented than rudimentary sax exercises. They are concept oriented and can be utilized for the next decade if read and understood and applied. It's my desire, and the web makes it more appropriate, to share more of the conceptual aspects of learning to play the Saxophone.

My job as a Saxophone Teacher has always been to work my way out of a job with every student, one day stealing their ideas in a new solo or article.

Be blessed and be a learner for life and you will always be growing and improving.

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