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Saxophone Lessons Learned
Recording Industry and You

Written by SAXBOY

So you want to be a recording artist?

What is the current business climate?

How do you maintain any artistic control to produce music that you are proud of?

Our modern world has to box everything neatly in small daily doses of mediocrity to understand art with a vague sense of ownership. The music business is the notorious with this by pushing artists into molds based on the sales success of, what they deem as, a similar artist. Record labels use the same thinking, wanting you to go more "Kenny G" since you have long curly hair and sound pretty smooth.

For the record, the Recording Industry has never created any Artistic Statement in Music; they just financed it. They might notice something artistic that looked like it might have commercial viability, but generally moderate and control it, sometimes to death. If the product has any commercial success, the label than presses that artist to create more of the same, CD after CD, until the contract is run out. What I'm saying is; if you have the opportunity to come into the game as an individual, the first thing the "business" does to you is require constant regurgitation of the original sound or concept, and you can end up never growing from that initial musical statement and become a lame copy of an earlier you. As lame as that sounds, I think that is better than the "Industry Standard."

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The Industry Standard is to repackage carbon copies of big selling artists in hopes of initially stealing a portion of the income the "original" is producing, then develop this "new artist" to become the replacement to the "original." This has worked so well over the years that both Radio and new Artists keep having to revisit the "Oldies" to get back enough generations of Clones to interest the bored listening public.

Attempting to be original and personal in your music should always reign supreme. We all start from somewhere, but need to make it our own to have any artistic validity. It starts with knowing who you are and what you love. If you remain true to your self, the unique blend of your musical interests, experiences and passions should create a voice in that musical style you are trying to emulate; one that will be original and be you.

As the Major labels have effectively run their life cycle, many exciting developments have surfaced. Independent Artists and Independent Labels, fueled by the internet, are reinvigorating the life force of Art as we know it.

The Majors have even begun masquerading as Independents since they see the money going that way.

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Not even the Record labels could kill the artistic passion of real music. I thank God that Music is alive and well in 2005, and will continue to enjoy the new and exciting sounds all over the net. Be encouraged and keep making great music, regardless of the genre or category others, one day will assign it.

Side note, but Satellite Radio has begun the same process in the listening world. Traditional Radio has just begun to feel the impact and the lame 20 song play list will be a thing of the past. Once you go satellite, you wont go back. The nail in the Radio coffin is Internet Radio. Actual options with real music; it was nice knowing you commercial radio.

Blessing to all with much anticipation for the future of Art and Music,


Copyright (c)2005 SAXBOY


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UPDATE :: July 30, 2005

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